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Foot Pamper Kit
  • Foot Pamper Kit


    Our feet deserve more credit than they get! Carrying us around all day...

    Balsamic Moons' Foot Pamper Kit will nourish your feet using the goodness of Coconuts, Sheas, Salts, Bergamont & Essential Oils.


    This Foot Pamper Kit will help you get on top of those dry and sore feet.


    This Kit includes:


    Foot Salve - 60g

    Foot Scrub - 100g

    Wash Cloth

    All presented in an upcycled drawstring bag


    How to use.

    At the end of your shower or bath rub the scrub into your feet. (You can also soak your feet beforehand.) Rinse & pat dry. Then apply the Foot Salve. 

    *Tip - you may want to pop some socks on after applying the Foot Salve to avoid greasy footprints...





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