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    Here's a little kit to help with sleep.


    Sleep can be elusive for some, so here are some offerings to try & help you obtain some sweet respite.


    Try having a shower before bed using a Sleep Shower Steamer - it might help quiet the mind. 


    You can use the Sleep Mist as a room spray before bed or on your linen & curtains - the aromatherapeutic qualities may help you unwind & get some sleep. 


    And a crystal for good measure - Clear Quartz - which is said to be the 'Master Healer'. It is said to help clear the mind & balance the body.



    Kit contains:

    Sleep Mist - 100ml
    Sleep Shower Steamers - 5pk
    Clear Quartz

    In a medium-sized drawstring bag


    Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


    Balsamic Moons' products are handcrafted & batch made from natural-based ingredients. I avoid synthetic ingredients - I preserve them the best I can. Keep in mind these products are made to be affordable & used quickly.

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