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Bugs Be Gone! Insect Repellant

Bugs Be Gone! Insect Repellant


Do you want natural-based protection from being eaten alive by biting insects? Try this earthy number. Sage, Lime & Lemongrass infused Witch Hazel. Spray on as needed and hopefully, you won't be bitten!


Fun Fact - Biting insects love people who have had a tipple! It's like they can sense the fermented goodness in your bloodstream and they just want a sip! 

Be sure to shake well before using. Apply to exposed skin and clothing before going outside to avoid pesky mosquitoes. Reapply after swimming.


Made from - 

Sage & Lime Infused Witch hazel, Vegetable Glycerine & Lemongrass Essential Oil.


100ml Glass Spray Bottle



Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


Balsamic Moons' products are handcrafted & batch made from natural-based ingredients. I avoid synthetic ingredients - I preserve them the best I can. Keep in mind these products are made to be affordable & used quickly.

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