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Balsamic Moons' Morsels
  • Balsamic Moons' Morsels


    Here are some Balsamic Moon Morsels that you can try out. You can carry them with you while travelling, keep them in your medicine cabinet, or use them in your daily routine.


    Here's a rundown of these amazing products: - If you have aching feet or overworked muscles, you can apply Magnesium Butter for instant relief. - For itchy, dry or irritated skin, you can use Kawakawa Salve without delay. - To ease sore old bones, you can massage Anti-Inflammatory Salve on the affected area.


    This Morsels package includes:


    Kawakawa & Manuka Salve- 30g
    Magnesium Butter - 30g
    Anti-Inflammatory Salve - 30g
    All wrapped in a Small Beeswax Wrap (Lucky dip fabric design)






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