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Aches & Pains Rescue Kit

Aches & Pains Rescue Kit


Comfort those sore bones with some rubs.


Overdone it? A bit sore there? 
Try rubbing these concoctions into your sore bits...


Anti-Inflammatory Salve

A warming Salve made with German Chamomile, Ginger & Rosemary essential oils to soothe sore muscles and joints.

*Not suitable for pregnant women.
Magnesium Butter

Soothe overworked muscles, joint aches, cramps & twitches with this Magnesium Butter! Also great for massaging your feet.

Did you know we absorb magnesium faster topically than taking a pill? So get this Magnesium where you need it STAT! 


*Avoid freshly shaved skin & scratches - the Peppermint stings! 


Apply onto the skin as needed.



Kit Contains:

Anti-Inflammatory Salve - 60g
Magnesium Butter - 60g

In a small drawstring bag

Products are also available individually.


Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


Balsamic Moons' products are handcrafted & batch made from natural-based ingredients. I avoid synthetic ingredients - I preserve them the best I can. Keep in mind these products are made to be affordable & used quickly.

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